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New routes if passed for BBHR 2021

Due to matters out of our control these are the new routes put forward, we hope you find these to your satisfaction.

The ULTRA 100.6 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava

The EXTREME 83.4 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava

The CLASSIC 79.3 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava

The FEED STATIONS will be with in a mile of the usual FEED STSTIONS at 25/27 miles for the first and because of the very nature of the middle sections could either be at 52 miles for the classic, 54 miles for the EXTREME and 62 miles for the ULTRA, Not that there will be 4 feed stations you will just arrive at them at different points upon your particular route, we will have limited mobile volunteers who will have water and will try to help as much as possible. for the ULTRA there may be another feed station to provide that little extra boost, But unfortunately the altitude gained is shortened by 1050ft, i do hope it doesn't put you off, And remember why you are doing it, to raise funds for HELP FOR HEROES.

Lastly remember just don't turn up on the day thinking this is easy, THIS IS A VERY TOUGH CHALLENGE so prepare for it.

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